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Marcus Harcus presents: Incorrect Politics

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Marcus Harcus presents: Incorrect Politics – fundraiser

Dear friend,

One of my bucket list items is to perform a stand-up comedy show. I’m hoping (and planning) to do it in January of 2013, around the time of the next U.S. Presidential Inauguration. My performance will be entitled Marcus Harcus presents: Incorrect Politics. In order to make it possible, I must raise money to rent a venue to perform in, purchase promotional and event supplies, including refreshments, programs and props, and to pay modest stipends to event staff and guest performers. I recently launched a 1.5 month-long fundraiser on My goal is to raise a minimum of $1,750. With this fundraiser, I must achieve (or exceed) my fundraising goal, otherwise I don’t collect a single pledge – it’s all or nothing.

If you can afford to, and if you’re kind and generous enough to support this project, I need you to visit my project page to make a pledge to contribute ASAP:
There are varying levels of support, each with corresponding rewards. Due to the very short time period I have to raise the money to fund my comedic stand-up variety show project, I’m asking you to pledge ASAP. Please also invite others to make a pledge ASAP. I will succeed if at least 70 of my friends and former colleagues pledge an average of $25. My project budget is very modest, and includes an after-party (dancing) later in the night that will feature the music of Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and other legendary musical artists.

Incorrect Politics will be an event celebrating my retirement from electoral politics. It’s very important that everyone I know who loves me and is able to handle the politically incorrect content of my show, shows up. I’m calling on everyone who has ever supported me either as a candidate for elected office, as a former colleague, and/or generally as a friend, to please make a pledge and SHOW UP. Visit my project page now, or ASAP, to make a pledge to support the financing of Marcus Harcus presents: Incorrect Politics.

Thanks in advance for your support!


DFL SD59 Convention Speech, 3/31/2012 @ Henry hs

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors!  Good afternoon Northside!

My name is Marcus Harcus and I’m running for State Representative. I’m a Northside native son raising my own family here today because I’m committed to our community. I’m a longtime grassroots activist, writer and social entrepreneur who has advocated for social, economic and racial justice ever since I was a junior here at Henry high school. I love the Northside because I grew up here with my parents and younger brothers; I played in all of the parks as a child, and have met many good friends in this beautifully diverse community.  I proudly represent our community everywhere I travel, statewide, nationwide and worldwide!  I am the Northside!


I have a vision for a better North Minneapolis with neighborhoods where people want to move and live long-term.  I envision the Northside being a better place to raise kids, a cleaner, safer, vibrant yet peaceful area with a deep sense of community, strong infrastructure, healthy economic environment, and enriching opportunities for all. 


I’m running to serve our community in the House of Representatives because of my deep interest in public policy, because I’m dissatisfied with typical status quo politicians, and because I want to demonstrate the kind of political leadership North Minneapolis deserves. We need more equity-oriented, activist lawmakers and more diversity in Minnesota’s state legislature. If you elect me I’d be only the 8th person of color at the Capitol now, out of 201 legislators.  I’m running to change conversations at the Capitol and make sure all voices are represented in the legislature!  My intention in getting elected is to sponsor, author and pass legislation which boldly addresses some of the most critical challenges facing Northside neighborhoods and to advocate for equitable economic development! 


I want to be clear that I’m not running against the incumbent, I’m running for the Northside! However, because I’m consistently asked why I’m challenging him, I’ll say this: Joe Mullery is a good man who has served our community for decades. On most issues he and I would probably vote similarly, but I believe he’s grown too comfortable in office. Moreover, many of the people I know who actually work at the Capitol, including DFL legislators, legislative staff and progressive legislative advocates, have all told me that my representative is impossible to work with, he’s abrasive, often makes no sense in committee meetings and he wrongly takes credit for everything.  Even though he’s a career politician, some of you actually believe everything he says!

Throughout this campaign season he’ll make the case that his experience and seniority have earned him a lifetime of re-elections, but I disagree. I’ve done my research and still don’t see how his experience has been particularly beneficial for our community. Yes, he’s done his job, but what has he really done?  Joe Mullery has proven to be a placeholder at best.  8 terms is enough!  This is not personal; it’s about the best interests of North Minneapolis.  We deserve better representation!  The incumbent may represent that past, but I am representing the future of the Northside and the future of the state of Minnesota! 


I’m offering a more equitable, engaging and effective representation style based on the hotter fire in my heart, my organizing background and my ability to relate more to younger generations, low-income and working class families and communities of color.

Many of you refuse to consider a candidate from a younger generation, or one who doesn’t “look like you,” but I’m asking those of you who are open-minded, those of you with asset-oriented, not deficit-oriented community perspectives, those of you who are critical, independent thinkers, those of you who care about others beyond your inner circle, I’m asking for those of you who care about people who are less fortunate than you and I, to vote for me.  Be a sophisticated voter and think outside of the proverbial box about the future of our community, think about what’s best for our Northside youth.  No other candidate in this race will engage and inspire them more than I will in office.

Most electoral candidates run to be something. I’m running to do something. I’m running to advocate for public policies and public investments that will help ensure a better MN for all Minnesotans, particularly Northsiders.


The theme of my campaign is PEOPLE OVER PROFITS. It’s time our government started working for the people!  There’s a growing divide in America over the role of government in society.  I’m on the side that believes government should, can, has and must continue to invest in public systems, infrastructure and opportunities that serve the people, especially those most in need of assistance to make ends meet and access economic opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency.  As Paul Wellstone said, “We all do better when we all do better.”  Hubert Humphrey once said that, “The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy, and the handicapped.”


When I say Fair Economy, I’m  talking about: 

Living wage jobs│ Consumer financial protection│ Workers rights│ EQUITABLE public policies, taxation, investments and services│ Entrepreneurship, viable career training, and S.T.E.M. education so Northsiders can be prepared for the well-paying jobs of the future

When I say Housing Justice, I’m  talking about: 

Foreclosure prevention to keep Northsiders like Monique White in their homes│ State prosecution of institutional subprime mortgage perpetrators│ Financial system-wide modifications of all underwater mortgages, writing-them down to actual market values│ Smart affordable housing expansion│ Just regulation of rental housing to improve livability│ Transit-oriented community development│ Effective homelessness prevention

When I say Education EquityI’m  talking about:

Closing all opportunity gaps in public education to end racial disparities in educational outcomes│ Universal pre-K│ Expand access to affordable college educations for all and advocating for an end to unfair compounding interest rates on student loans and expansion  of opportunities for debt forgiveness and just financing│ Lifelong learning opportunities

When I say Affordable HealthcareI’m  talking about: 

Enacting the Minnesota Health Plan to ensure affordable, preventative health care insurance coverage of all Minnesotans, which will be expensive in the short-term but ultimately most cost-effective system-wide in the long-term. 


I believe in representative government and participatory democracy.  With Marcus Harcus in the House, you’ll have a state representative that will bring as many constituents to the “People’s House” as I possibly can to inform and engage Northsiders in the legislative process, to mobilize people directly affected by the issues to testify on their own behalf and advocate with me.  I’ll host annual Days on the Hill for our district.  I’ll frequently host interactive community forums and bbqs over North.  I’ll do my best to increase civic participation from underrepresented groups, including my young peers, Black, White, Asian, Latino and Native American.  If you elect me you’ll see future convention delegate rosters that are more reflective of our community demographics.  My office will have an open door policy and I’d even welcome Joe to work with me as a constituent.

I’ll close with a quote of the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.  “Cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ Vanity asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But, conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right.”

My central campaign promise to you is to always represent people over profits, to tell uncomfortable truths, to work for the best interests of our district and state, to transcend partisanship whenever I can, to support and hold our government accountable, and to demonstrate progressive political leadership. 


Many of you know that I’ve run for office before.  In 2001 I put my name on the City of Minneapolis election ballot as an angry 23 y/o who didn’t intend to win, but wanted to change the conversations during the political season by joining the debates to address issues that typical status quo politicians are either ignorant or indifferent about, like racial profiling and police brutality.  I was pulled over by the police more than 40 times by my early twenties, and was even unjustly brutalized once and I have no criminal history or record, which compelled me to make some noise about it because I couldn’t get justice.  I know what it’s like to be considered “suspicious,” for driving and walking while Black, like young Trayvon Martin.

I put my name on the ballot again in 2005 because there is too much injustice in our city, on so many fronts, and I wanted to advocate for everyone being represented, and I felt I could represent everyone who underrepresented and disserved by most politicians.

In 2009 I ran for City Council again, but this time I decided that I should actually try to get elected to demonstrate the kind of political leadership that I feel we deserve.  Many people may view me as a so-called perennial candidate or a career candidate, but I’m not.  The first two campaigns were candidacies, while this, like the last one, is a real organized campaign.  I will out-organize the incumbent in the Primary Election on August 14, 2012.

This is the last time I’ll run for office without winning – mark my words.  I say this with an equal amount of audacity and humility, as a servant leader: If not me, then who?  If not now, then when?  My time to win is now in 2012, because it’s now or never.  I’m running to make sure all voices are heard at the Capitol, not to be famous but to make the government work for the people, to advocate for social, economic and racial justice.  Northsiders, please join the People over Profits campaign!



My name is Marcus Harcus and I approve this message.





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Yesterday was Leap Day and I reflected both on missed opportunities and risk-taking.  I spent more than a year contemplating this campaign for state representative before finally deciding to run this past November.  Although recessionary circumstances (i.e., poverty), family and academic demands in my life now are unfavorable for such a time consuming, heart-wrenching and public endeavor, I am glad that I am trying.  It is well that this fire is burning within my heart.  I am standing up, speaking out and showing up at thousands of residential doors with pure intentions to serve my community in the state legislature in the name of social, economic and racial justice.

While I know that the legislative process is often unjust and inequitable, I do believe in the ideal of representative government.  I know that it works best when participatory democracy is operating on a robust, comprehensively representative scale.  We need more Americans of every background involved in supporting our governments and holding them accountable, otherwise we will never have “liberty and justice for all.”  We need more people to run for elected office who truly understand the plight of low and moderate income people who struggle to afford the expensive cost of living, otherwise 1%ers or the 20%ers who own 93% of the wealth in America will always dominate our politicians’ policy agendas.  That’s more of a plutocracy than a Democracy.  We need to get big money out of politics and we need more politicians who prioritize people over profits!

This is my second (and best) organized electoral campaign, as well as the last that I will run without winning.  You may or may not care, but many people have encouraged me to run for office during the past decade.  Some people kindly tell me to keep running until I get elected.  NO!  It is now or never for me.  Campaigning takes too much out of me and too much away from my family for me to not get elected in 2012.  If you didn’t know, hear me when I say that I love to win!  I am running for State Representative now because I know that I could and should be the progressive politician I want to see in our state.  I am not campaigning to become a celebrity, but I do want to be an activist lawmaker who provides a voice of reason inside the Capitol.  I am bold and perhaps charismatic, but I am equally, if not more humble and respectful.  More importantly, I’m intelligent and compassionate.  Please get to know me before you judge me.  Open your mind.

Voting matters.  It’s a fundamental right and responsibility of citizenship, but legislative advocacy is more important.  Progressive legislative victories depend on progressive electoral victories, getting progressive candidates elected and progressive incumbents re-elected.  2012 will be historic on the national and local levels.  Most people are generally disinterested in or disillusioned with politics and distrustful of politicians, and rightfully so.  This is an unhealthy reality for our society because it hinders participatory democracy, discouraging people from practicing civic engagement as a lifestyle.  I want to engage the Northside in a manner that inspires the majority of residents to pay attention, become informed and practice civic participation on the community organizing, electoral organizing and legislative advocacy levels.  Perhaps we could develop more community pride if more people on the margins felt their voices mattered and got engaged in their/our community’s civic life.

My election will be a great story for the North Minneapolis community, and not for the sake of my egotism or vanity, but for the purpose of generating positive media stories about our community, providing compelling media advocacy.  In his 8 terms in office Joe has been ineffective in the important political activity that is media advocacy.  We need legislators who can tell the story of our community compellingly in the media, understanding the influence media advocacy can have on public opinion and systems change.  Think about it.  A 9th re-election of the incumbent, Rep. Joe Mullery, would be an uneventful and disappointing story that adds no value to our community reputation.  With all due respect, 8 terms is enough.  The Northside deserves better political representation at the state Capitol.

The incumbent is a good man who has served our community well for several decades, but the value of his experience and seniority is not worth indefinite re-election.  He does not have the power nor does he perform the job with an adequate level of effectiveness.  Most DFL legislators, legislative staff and veteran legislative advocates agree that the incumbent is “abrasive,” “impossible to work with,” “often makes no sense in committee meetings” and he wrongly “takes credit for everything.”  An ardent supporter of his recently told me that this is all baseless hearsay, but when I’m hearing the incumbents’ colleagues at the legislature saying these things – the people who actually have to work with him – I believe it.  Just last session I was invited to participate in an Asian Pacific Islander Day on the Hill event at the Capitol where I spoke to a hearing room full of Asian youth, including a large  delegation of young Asian Northsiders from Henry high.  Joe had the gall to tell them that he already knew what they wanted him to do and actually discouraged them from calling him!

I only make the case against the incumbent because I’m consistently asked why I am challenging him and some people are hostile towards me for it.  Let me emphasize a central point that I’m not running against the incumbent; I am running for the Northside!  We deserve much better representation.

According to conventional wisdom, I am a long shot candidate because I’m challenging an entrenched, 8-term incumbent.  While it is true that the odds are against me winning (a poly-sci major told me I’ve got a 5% chance of winning), I believe that I can win if enough Northsiders are OPEN and willing to support me.  I will win if enough of the hundreds of good people I’ve met and bonded with throughout the Twin Cities since high school will support me with donations and volunteer support.  I believe my candidacy is stronger than all of the three other challengers, and I believe I can provide the kind of progressive political leadership that the Northside deserves.  I believe my analysis and campaign strategies are strong enough to deliver an upset of the status quo.

I’m seeking the DFL endorsement.  The senate district 59A endorsement convention is 30 days from today, at Patrick Henry high school, on Saturday, March 31, 2012.  This will be a homecoming for me as I graduated from Henry in 1996, coincidentally the same year the incumbent was first elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives.  I’m calling on all of my friends and supportive delegates to demonstrate with me at this event.  Stand and walk with me and surround me with your love as I address the convention to make the case for my winning the DFL nomination.  I will abide by the endorsement.

With 4 challengers all likely to present a share of the delegate support, it is more than likely that we will collectively be able to block the endorsement of the incumbent.  I have a good feeling that it is possible for me to actually win the endorsement, which requires 60 percent of the delegate votes, if my fellow challengers’ supporters coalesce around me.  Even if the convention is adjourned without an endorsed candidate in HD 59A, it will still be a significant victory which levels the playing field.  I respect all of my opponents and hope they will support me, because if I must withdraw, I will support the candidate who can defeat the incumbent.  The winner of DFL endorsements get volunteer help from the party’s coordinated campaign, and they also get included in the party’s campaign literature with Obama, Keith Ellison and other better known, higher level Democratic candidates.  Without the endorsement, the incumbent is highly vulnerable to being out-organized, which is my plan to defeat him.  No other campaign in this race will out-organize me in the Primary Election.  I’ve already knocked on more doors than them all.  The majority of delegates in 59A remain undecided about which candidates they will support in our House race.  The incumbent has his solid base of support among delegates, which I estimate at between 35-50%, but I’m confident that I can earn a large enough share of delegates to edge out the rest of the challengers.  The question will be how the delegate votes are redistributed as candidates get eliminated.

Win or block the endorsement, I’m running to win the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 14.  I won’t reveal most of my strategies, but you can trust that my campaign will contact voters most extensively, frequently and effectively.  The People over Profits campaign will get out the vote (GOTV)!  The incumbent will rely heavily on mailings, but I will rely on direct contacts, reaching out not only to the reliable voters, but to the thousands of strong prospective voters who generally only vote in the General Election, particularly the thousands of young people who will vote for Obama.  When faced with the choice between the incumbent and I, the Northsiders who are ready for new representation and more fire will feel me.  The incumbent is supported in this endorsement process primarily by old, white conservative voters.  Most of them who support Joe are not representative of the majority-minority electorate in North Minneapolis.  I’m not trying to be divisive, because as a creole I am the physical embodiment of the diversity over North, but let’s be honest about who young people – Black, White, Asian, Latino and Native – will most definitely support, me over the incumbent.  Furthermore, those old white Northsiders who are actually sophisticated, progressive voters are not supporting the incumbent.  I only need 2,100 votes on August 14 and I’ll have several dozen canvassers and phone bankers who will help me organize these voters during this presidential election year, when all of the irregular voters are most likely to show up at the polls, especially when they’re invited and encouraged to vote.

I intend to represent the Northside in such a passionate way that I’ll effectively counter the negative reputation our neighborhoods suffer beyond our municipal borders, work to increase community pride and cross-cultural unity.  I’m running to advocate for public policies which will address the most challenging issues affecting our community and advocate for public investments in the most viable opportunities available.  I’m running to encourage bona fide progressives who are smart and compassionate to run for office throughout Minnesota and everywhere on Earth.  We all complain about politicians, most people won’t run to become a good one, and most of the people who do are not going to prioritize people over corporate profits and government revenue. when it comes down to the unfair competition between issues and legislative advocacy by big money political interests

As your next representative I will consistently, creatively, compassionately and compellingly remind the state legislature to prioritize PEOPLE OVER PROFITS in every legislative issue!  I will truly do my best to represent all socially responsible interests, not just the wealthy or middle class, but everyone.  I will make sure every demographic voice in our community is represented at the state Capitol in St. Paul, especially the most vulnerable members of our society, the poor, disenfranchised, disabled, our children and elders.

Thx for your support!



Peace & blessings!


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Dear friends, family, neighbors, citizens of the world near and far,

I’m running for State Representative, and I need your support. 

You probably know that I’ve run for elected office before, but I want you to know my story–the reason I’ve run in the past and am running today.  I’m a two-time candidate for Minneapolis Mayor, and I ran for City Council in 2009.  My mayoral candidacies were not organized as real campaigns to get elected; rather, they were my passionate, positively enraged attempts to publicly address racial profiling, police brutality, and the prison industrial complex.  These are issues most politicians are either ignorant or indifferent about, but these issues have devastated too many lives in poor inner city neighborhoods nationwide, including the Twin Cities.

Ever since I was a very young child, I’ve harbored a sense of moral outrage over social, economic and racial injustices.  In high school I was deeply disturbed by the institutional racism that facilitated systemic disenfranchisement of Black students, and I organized a walk-out.  After high school, I participated in a variety of grassroots community building and organizing activities, including many direct action protest demonstrations.  I’m a natural born activist.

In my teens and early twenties I was pulled over by police more than 40 times, including an incident where I was unjustly brutalized.  I’ll have you know that I have no criminal history nor criminal record and I don’t even have an arrest record.  Suffering these injustices at the hands of the law deeply disturbed me and fostered a sense of disillusionment in me about our society.  Being a victim of these systemic governmental injustices without gaining access to redress traumatized me as I felt like a second-class citizen.

Filing as a Mayoral candidate in 2001 and 2005 was my way of constructively channeling my self-diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
It was a safer, more appropriate response than acting on my anger-fueled visions of violent retribution.
I choose to confront the government through electoral politics to change the campaign season conversations and to propose more just, equitable political leadership and policy changes to redress government injustices, particularly as it related to police-community relations and criminal justice reform.  Naturally, I was compelled to address other critically important equity and justice issues, including housing, education, economic development, etc.

Becoming a mayoral candidate planted the seeds in my mind and heart for my serious consideration of becoming an elected official, and advocating for structural changes in society from a legislative position.  After the first campaign in 2001, I began studying public policy and completed training to become a professional community organizer and political advocate.  For the past 7 years I’ve been studying and working on a variety of issues integral to building an equitable society including youth development and community development.  During the past few years I began practicing legislative advocacy.

In 2009, I decided to run for City Council with the intention of actually getting elected.  Although I was a serious candidate that year I lacked the organizational capacity to run a viable campaign.  That means I didn’t have a management team, didn’t mobilize enough volunteers and I didn’t raise enough money to adequately compete with media advertising, campaign literature, campaign infrastructure and other tools.  I was not elected, but I did prove to be an outstanding candidate, outperforming the incumbent and two other challengers in many critical ways.  I knocked on 10,000+ doors, met a few thousand residents, and established community name recognition and credibility with politically conscious people throughout the Twin Cities.

Now in 2012, I’ve decided to run again, but this time I’ve got a campaign manager, field director, treasurer, and experienced advisers who have managed successful legislative campaigns at the state and federal level, helping me build a winning campaign.  This time I’ve got a strategic campaign plan, experience to inform me, and I completed a Camp Wellstone candidate training to help guide me.

I’m asking everyone to donate $1 – $500.  I also need you to volunteer to door knock, phone bank, and/or show up at events, please.

My fundraising goal is to raise $10,000.  We need 100 volunteers to effectively and efficient contact voters in HD 59A.  We only need 2,100 votes to win the August 14, 2012 Primary Election.

Here’s how you can help the People over Profits campaign organize a historic UPSET of the status quo in North Minneapolis:

  • Volunteer to door knock
  • Work the phone bank
  • Organize and host a campaign FUNdraising House Party
  • Attend campaign events
  • Give any amount you can up to the Election year contribution limit of $500

Running for office, especially as an underdog against a well-funded incumbent, is a daunting and heart-wrenching experience, so please make it worth the effort by campaigning with me!  I plan to win, but can’t do it without an army of my friends running with me!  With your help, we can get the 2,100 votes needed to win the Primary Election on August 14, which will make the General Election victory inevitable.

Thank you for your support!




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You are cordially invited to attend a Candidate Meet & Greet event with Marcus Harcus, a Northsider running for State Representative in House District 59A. This campaign event occurs on the night before Precinct Caucuses.

WHEN:  Monday, February 6, 2012, 6:00pm-8:00pm

WHERE:  H. White men’s room, 1500 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, 55412

Show up to learn about and join the People over Profits campaign. We are providing a brief caucus training for people who are new to caucusing, to encourage people to show up to become delegates in the DFL endorsement process.  I need enough delegates to WIN or BLOCK the endorsement at the April 14 SD 59 DFL endorsement convention.  We’ll discuss the issues and the campaign plan for victory.

Your attendance at our campaign event next Monday, February 6, is needed to generate enough momentum for the campaign to launch a powerful run for the August 14, 2012 Primary Election.  We’re going hard once the redistricted maps are released on Feb 21, 2012 and I need your support now to build the campaign’s organizational capacity.  We will be filming testimonies of campaign supporters, so please come bless the campaign documentary with your words of endorsement and powerful presence.  This is important and fun, especially if you’re there.  Political theater with a purpose: advocating and legislating social, economic and racial justice in public policy and public investments.

Please RSVP, and bring others because we’re planning to organize thousands of community members to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in 2012, advocating PEOPLE over PROFITS!

  • Fair Economy
  • Education Equity
  • Housing Justice
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Criminal Justice Reform




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My name is Marcus Harcus. I’m writing to inform you of my campaign for State Representative in House District 59A, and to ask for your support as a delegate in my pursuit of the DFL endorsement.

Who am I?

I am a working class Northside native son committed to North Minneapolis and proudly raising my own young children here today. Although I’m a young man, I’m a relatively long-time grassroots activist.  I am also a writer and entrepreneur.  As a junior at Patrick Henry high school I learned that a significant part of my life’s purpose is to organize and advocate for social, economic and racial justice.  Some of the multiple issues I’ve worked on include the following:

  • Youth development
  • Education equity
  • Racial profiling/police brutality
  • Community economic development
  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Public infrastructure investments
  • Equitable hiring

Why am I Running? 

I am running for State Representative because of my ire over a variety of social, economic and racial injustices that are tragically prevalent in our state.  I am consistently disappointed with our typical status quo politicians.  Therefore, I am compelled to demonstrate the kind of political leadership that our community deserves.  We need more equity-oriented, activist lawmakers and more diversity in Minnesota’s state legislature.  My intention in getting elected is to sponsor, author and pass several bills that boldly address some of the most critically important issues challenging North Minneapolis residents, businesses and community institutions, and to champion equitable economic development.

My Campaign Platform:

  • Fair economy
  • Housing justice
  • Education equity
  • Affordable health care
  • Criminal justice reform

The values which inform my politics are liberty, justice, opportunity, equity, and safety for all.  If you elect me you can trust that I’ll be honest, open-minded, collaborative, creative, boldly ambitious policy-wise, and always inclusive.  Many candidates run to “be something,” but I am running to “do something.”

Comparison and Contrast of the Incumbent and I

The incumbent was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1996, the year I graduated from Patrick Henry high school.  I thank him for his many years of service to our community, but believe it’s time for my generation to stand up and assume leadership.  On most bills the incumbent and I would probably vote similarly, but I believe he has grown too comfortable in office.  Moreover, he fails to adequately represent and invite diverse voices from our community to show up and speak out at the Capitol.  Several of my colleagues who are progressive legislative advocates have expressed frustration to me about my representative being difficult to work with.  It is also quite telling that he is unpopular with many members of his own party.

My ability to offer a more engaging and effective representation style is based on the hotter fire in my heart, my organizing background, and my ability to relate more with younger generations, low-income and working class families, and communities of color.  This contrast between us is provided for the benefit of your decision-making.  However, I want to emphasize that I’m not running against the incumbent.  I’m running to serve the Northside and champion public policies and public investments that will help ensure a better Minnesota for my children, all future generations, all of our elders and everyone.

Let’s Talk Soon

Precinct caucuses are scheduled on Tuesday, February 7, 2012.  During the next month I’ll be working to earn your support and that of 1,000 other prospective delegates.  I’ll be phone banking, door knocking, and hosting candidate meet and greet events and caucus trainings.  Feel free to contact me and please join our campaign.  I hope to speak with you soon and earn your support as a delegate!