Vote Marcus Harcus for Mayor!

I am a young Black man from North Minneapolis who has survived the never-ending War on Drugs, the school to prison pipeline, worse crime and violence than we’re experiencing today, excessive racial profiling, police brutality, the Great Recession (due to unscrupulous housing market policies, programs, and practices, especially the subprime mortgage crisis), the subsequent foreclosure crisis, and ongoing gentrification.

I am a creative visionary who enjoys strategic planning, community engagement, leadership development, organizing direct actions, lobbying for public policy solutions to public policy problems, investing in cooperative economics, and curating cultural events. As a lifelong organizer, I’m always interested in discussing community and societal issues by concentrating on problem-solving to help increase safety, justice, and opportunity in my hometown, whether I’m a civilian advocate or an elected official. I have the quality of vision, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, courage, and apt ability to listen, learn and act collaboratively with the people of Minneapolis to represent and serve our city in ways that will best heal and empower our residents and businesses to advance public safety, social, environmental, and racial justice, equitable development and economic opportunity for all of us, especially the most vulnerable members of our communities, the people who need it most.

I am running for Mayor of Minneapolis, my hometown because I believe we must Think Big, Act Courageously and Do Justice to save our city, and I believe I have what it takes to demonstrate the kind of visionary and intrepid political leadership that these crazy times require.

“We need to vote based on our hopes, not fears! We must Think Big, Act Courageously and Do Justice, Minneapolis! “

Marcus Harcus

Tell all your friends, relatives, and neighbors to Vote Marcus Harcus for Mayor!”