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Community Organizing in the Mayor’s Office

Although I have no mind-blowing, innovative, silver bullet solutions to any of our city’s problems, I am earnestly proposing much more than the typically insufficient status quo maintaining reforms we tend to hear from most politicians who too often utter empty rhetoric because it’s popular, convenient, and politically expedient, then fail to follow through with determination and/or powerful community organizing to support their efforts.

Too many of our best-elected officials develop messiah complexes, erroneously believing that because they tend to be right on the issues that they can overcome political opposition and bureaucratic resistance to major structural changes without empowering communities and themselves with the power of an organized and engaged constituency demanding that we think big, act courageously and do justice for the people.

The people who are most affected by issues must be actively involved in informing the problem-solving process. We need elected officials to partner with community organizers and advocates to develop the leadership of community members to advocate for themselves so that government can produce effective public policy solutions. It cannot happen without strong community partnerships and enough resources to reduce harm and improve public health, increase public safety, create economic development, advance social justice, and racial equity.

I’m running to engage and help organize the communities in Minneapolis to be the change we need to save our city because no Mayor or City Council can do it without the people.

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